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muslims. what general casey is saying we can't demonize muslims. that's what president obama implied last week as well. >> we don't know all the answers yet. i would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts. bill: talking points does not disagree with the president. we are not jumping to any conclusions at all. but now ayeive action must be taken to find out what was known about hasan and who knew it the guy doesn't snap. he was indoctrinated into muslim if a that the thattism and people knew it. political correctness can get people killed. i believe that's part of the for the hood massacre story. hasan was a weird guy. he said inappropriate things. did he inappropriate things. yet he continued to serve as a major in the army largely because i believe is he a muslim. by the way, hasan is awake right now and able to talk. he remains in stable condition at the brook army medical center in san antonio, texas. that's the memo, now for the top story. let's bring in brian ross from his studio in new york city. on "world news tonight" you report that this guy, hasan --
to washington, i'm bret baier. president obama had oklahoma city. president george w. bush had 9/11. today president barack obama had his first opportunity to comfort the nation after a mass murder. the president spoke at a memorial for the 13 victims of last week's shootings at fort hood. senior white house correspondent major garrett has the story. >> we call to mind those whom we honor in this sacred time and space, juanita, michael, john, fran francesca, jason, amy, debardo aaron, russell, cam and frederick r >> fort hood is no stranger to paying respects to the fallen t has lost 545 in iraq and afghanistan, but noaft post expected this -- but no post expected this. >> our hearts and prayers go out to the families who have mourned the loss of this terrible tragedy. no words can fully address your grief and sadness. >> the silence that led to the deaths of these 13 americans and woundings of dozens of others was unimaginable. it was a kick in the gut. >> president obama called the massacre incomprehencible. >> your loved ones endure through the life of our nation. every evening that the
. president obama and congressional democrats celebrated passing the house healthcare bill this weekend after liberals reluctantly accepted a compromise that restricted abortion funding. as jim angle reports, an even tougher challenge lies ahead once the legislation heads to the senate. >> the bill is passed. >> nancy pelosi was barely able to get the reform bill through the house but senators say the hard part is just beginning. >> anyone can offer any amendment on any subject in the senate,s whereas in the house, the amendments are limited greatly, and so therefore, if you thought it was hard in the house, it's going to be harder in the senate. >> as long as there's at least a half dozen democrats that don't want it, there might even be more than that. >> it was a bill written by liberals for liberals. the house bill is dead on arrival in the senate. look at how it passed, 220-215. >> five-vote margin because speaker pelosi lost 39 democrats who voted no. harry reid has to win all the democrats as well as independent senator joe lieberman and lieberman, like several democratic senators is o
that were shot. hasan is accused of the attack. president obama offered personal tributes for the way the victims lived and a service to their country. ♪ >> let's cross to washington, our special correspondent has more. >> before president obama spoke, the army chief of staff said that this of violence was unimaginable. he said it was a kick in the gut for america's armed forces. president obama's tribute was short and simple. this was not the place to look at the motivation of the shooting. he chose to characterize the spasm of violence. >> it might be hard to comprehend the twisted logic that led to this tragedy but this much we do now -- no fath justifies these murderous and craven acts, no just got looks upon them with favor. we know that the killer will be met with justice in this world and the next. -- no faith justifies these murderous and craven axed. >> the fbi has its own internal inquiries into the warning signs that could have led to action on the suspect. condemning wars that seemed to him to focus on fellow muslims. the e-mail that he sent to a radical in yemen. there
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it does not happen again. matt brock, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >>> president obama is said to be close to deciding on a war strategy in afghanistan. he will reportedly approved most of the 40,000 additional troops requested with deployments likely beginning in january. mr. obama meets with his war council tomorrow and then leaves for asia on thursday. there probably will not be announcement on this until he gets back. >>> police are looking into a double shooting overnight that left a man dead and another in the hospital. this happened after midnight on 21st street. they were taken to the hospital where one died. >>> u.s. senators are looking into a probe at safety lapses in metro. since spring, metro officials barred independent monitors from walking the tracks looking for problems. metro says there has been a misunderstanding of the monitors were allowed to approach the tracks if accompanied by safety escorts. >>> major changes will likely be approved to legalize same-sex marriage in the district. these changes will include a provision that will make it easier for churches to avoid h
>>> en un una ceremonia el presidente obama recordó a todas las personas asesinadas en texas. >>> llegó el día de la eejecución del francotirador. >>> declaran estado de calamidad en el salvador. >>> y a años del asesinato de luis donalddo colosio. >>> buenas noches, el presidente fue a la base de texas donde fueron asinados varios militares. luciana barros estuvo en la ceremonia. >>> no hay fe que justifique esto horrible incidente dijo el presidente obama dondeh@ se recordó a la13 personas que murieron en el horrible tiroteo. >>> uno a uno fueron leidos el nombre de los áánoticiero univi era hija de un colombiano, y murió embarazada de su primer hijo. >>> algunos estaban recién casados, eran madres solteros, otros inmigrantes dijo el jefe de la armada, pero todos estaban comprometidos con la nación. >>> lo que acaba de pasar es grave. >>> mi hija se acaba de ir el martes pasado, y esta noticia, vivo a unas cuadras de aquí y se me hizo inexplicable, y ando un poco tenso. >>> esto es tiempo de guerra dijo obama, y hace la tragedía más incomprensible. >>> y las ve
. >>> there will be a memorial at fort hood today. president obama and the first lady will be there and will meet with the families of these victims. the suspected shooter, major nidal hasan, is all wake and talking. he will be tried in a military court. investigators believe he acted alone. >>> president obama is said to be close to deciding on a war strategy in afghanistan. he will approve most of the 40,000 additional troops requested. mr. obama meets with his war council again tomorrow and leaves for asia on thursday. the white house says there will probably not be an announcement on this until he gets back. >>> senators are looking into the safety lapses at metro. nce spring, metro officials have barred independent monitors from walking the tracks. metro says it has been a misunderstanding and that monitors have always been allowed to approach the tracks if there are accompanied by safety escorts. >>> major changes for same-sex marriages. the changes will include a provision that will make it easier for churches to participate in gay weddings and receptions. it would eliminate domestic partn
. >>> president obama is on his way to ft. hood where he will speak at a memorial service for those that lost their lives at the military post last week. more than 3,000 people are expected to be at the ceremony. kimberly suitors joins us now with more on that and the investigation into the shooting. good morning, kimberly. >> good morning, kimberly. president obama and mrs. obama is expected to be in mt. hood soon. and in the meantime, the fbi and federal investigators from the department of defense continue toÑi pore over hisy=u5qmet computers, and trying to explain why anybody would shoot over 100 rounds atxdxd the ÑiÑiserviceme women. >> reporter: in anticipation of a base-wide memorial service. the president and first lady will meet privately of the families of the fallen, and the wounded. a battle buddy survived. >> i said, no, you are not going to die. i prommice you will be okay. i will take care of you. >> scarred after 13 people were killed, and 29 injured in last week's mass shooting. the alleged shooter, major hasan is now awake but being advised not to talk by his attorney. wh
be in contact with extremists. , tremists. he will insist on answ president obama told abc news, se will insist on answers. >> we're going to complete this nvestigation. wh thawe are going to take whatever steps are necessary, to make sure that something like this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: since the shootings last thursday, security measures ave been tightened. army officials have closed the largely, aspublic. >> right now, we have elevated security measures, largely, as a means of reassurance to the e the tion. threat, as we continue to examine the threat, we will keep appropriate security medses in place. >> reporter: the commanding general at ft. hood, said about 600 soldiers, first responders and civilians, were directly affected by last week's massacre. to play the memorial service is expected to play a significant role in moving toward healing. some >> it brings out the high orale. knocks something like this, it just knocks everybody down. and somebody important like the president coming it's like, okay. i feel very good. >> to el good now. i feel very good. >> ihink tomorrow is
obama is on his way to afford to participate in a memorial for the shooting victims there. disturbing new details emerging about the background of the suspects, including electronic communications with a radical muslim cleric in yemen. officials confirmed that major hasan 10 cents or 20 e-mails -- hasan sent 10 or 20 e-mails. they conducted an assessment of hasan but decided he did not pose a threat. the imam is used his website to encourage muslims and on the world. major hasan is recovering from his wounds. he is said to be talking to his doctors and his lawyer. we are learning this morning he will be tried in a military court. let's get to rick, who is on hand for the memorial service there. >> the service is to begin three hours from now. you might be able to see a crowd of media behind me waiting to be screened to get inside. the service described to us as being a traditional memorial service. it will feature an invitation from the chapel and remarks from the base commander, from the army chief of staff, and also president obama. it will, of course, honor the 13 who were killed -
. remembering the victims of fort hood. president obama gets ready to leave washington to honor the fallen in texas. >>> and tropical storm ida comes ashore in alabama. we will see if the remnantses will affect our region. good morning. i am andrea roane. it is tuesday november 10. tropical storm ida on the gulf coast. will we feel any of its effects? howard bernstein has our forecast. >> a little bit andrea. >>> south and east especially to the norfolk region will see more of that more moderate rain from ida. not too many clouds. a few breaks with peeks of sunshine here and there at this hour as temperatures warming into the 50s in most areas. although manassas and martinburg at 48 degrees. lots of 55 from national, annapolis, eastton. cambridge. the river keeping quantico cooler. they are at 50. temperatures climbing into the low, even middle 60s for highs. average high 59. lots of clouds but mainly dry, i think there is a slim chance of a sprinkle -- better chance tonight. 9:01. time for a traffic update. hello angie. >> hello everybody. welcome to the 9:00 hour. let's take a look at th
is happening right now. plus, behind-the-scenes. but this time, president obama's campaign for the white house. the campaign manager about what really happened, next. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- greta: the battle for 60 votes is on. senator harry reid is trolling for votes. 60 votes to overcome a filibuster and pass that legislation. the bottom line? is senator harry reid going to get them? jon kyl went on the record. nice to see you, sir. >> thank you, greta. greta: having been in the house of representatives, do you miss the house? >> it kind of reminded me of old times, and, no, i do not miss the house. not even 72 hours to put it out there for the american people to see it. voting late at night on saturday night. obviously, some arms were twisted. and then, what? we probably will not act until sometime next year. greta: it is such a close vote, too, in favor of it, democratic favorite. i suspect they think they will lose it. >> greta, i think you broke the code. they will not have the vote later on. the mo
. the obamas will join the grieving families and a lot of people are wearing red, white and blue on this sunny day. >>> the national rifle association wants to stop florida adoption agencies from asking couples if they own guns. the nra claims that the very question invades the privacy of gun owners. it violates a federal law that prohibits the state from registering guns. the child welfare department says gun ownership question is included on some but not all forms that parents fill out. there's legislation being introduced to block the question from being on forms. this is a your views topic for today. richelle carey joins us to talk about what you have to say. >> this comes from a couple that wanted to adopt a child. they had a form that had the question on it. they didn't like having to answer the question about whether or not they had guns and they thought about suing but instead went the legislative route. that's how we got here. we've been listening to what you have to say about this story. we took our views cams down to the streets and got this comment from another chuck. >> my view on
the hoops obama has been jumping through to avoid you calling this terrorism, it's an act of violence, they're comparing it to the columbine shooter. look, you don't have to have a group to commit a terrorist act. a lone wolff can do it. the difference between murder and terrorism is motivation. this guy obviously had a political motivation which makes it terrorism. it makes the first domestic occurrence on american soil since 9/11. sean: why won't anybody say what you just said and i've said? >> i don't know. this is the first attack since 9/11 and it's a consequence of the unilateral disarmament barack obama has brought to the intelligence community. sean: it's not a war on terror, this is man-caused disaster. we're not allowed to use the word "terror." >> and you see the psychological history and grumbling and all that so he doesn't have to lynn to -- listen to terrorist attacks before sean: coming up, karl rove will join us. and on the eve of her book, carrie frageon is here to talk about a sex tape that may be in the hands of the media and a report the fort hood suspect attempted to co
that president obama is considering four different plans for the war in afghanistan. all of the options would increase troop levels. there is still no time line on when the president will make a decision. in the bottom box, of virginia governor tim kane has denied clemency for john allen muhammed. the d.c. sniper will be executed tonight. now we are taking you live to fort hood. the president and mrs. obama have now arrived. those are live pictures right now of this memorial. it will begin at 2:00 in the east, 1:00 there in texas. the president arrived a short time ago. they will gather with the families of the victims. we are talking about the 12 soldiers and the one civilian killed in that rampage last thursday. we are expecting some 5000 people to be on hand. we will also show in between some of the wounded and their families, they will also be on hand at this service. we will bring it to you live in its entirety. the healing begins in one hour. harris: stepping away from that part of the story to this part, new and disturbing details of the suspected for hood gunmen. apparently the fbi kn
shooting rampage at fort hood are being remembered today. president obama will travel to texas to remember them. the investigation revealed new details about the suspects. nikole killion has more on that. >> president obama will speak at a memorial today. she will meet with families and wounded troops. at fort hood, president obama is pledging a full investigation in the tragic shooting. >> we are going to complete this investigation and take whatever steps are necessary to make sure that something like this never happens again. >> did the government missed warning signs? the fbi has opened an internal review to see if they mishandled information gathered about nidal hasan last year. a radical group praised him as a hero for his attack. some of the 9/11 hijackers and nidal hasan were shipped at a mosque. >> he practiced the islamic faith, would offer no justification for his son aa and cowardly act of violence. >> investigators say there is no evidence that he was directed to carry out the rampage. the fbi does not believe he was part of a terrorist plot. >> i cannot tell you what we were
's handling of hasan's e-mails and president and mrs. obama head to texas tomorrow to take part in a memorial service for the ft. hood victims. jim, back to you. >> jackie bensen. thank you, jackie. >>> the supreme court today refused to block the execution of john allen muhammad. that means he will be put to death in less than 24 hours now. muhammad's lawyers argue that he is mentally ill and should not be put to death for terrorizing the washington area back in 2002. the supreme court did not comment on its refusal to stay the execution. for many, the execution tomorrow will end a dark chapter in the the d.c. area's history. a year after 9/11, the terror the city felt during the sniper attacks is difficult to describe now. lives were lost, routines were changed. things as simple as buying groceries or pumping gas were no longer simple tasks. but not everyone deeply impacted by muhammad and his actions will be watching tomorrow. christ gordon has our report. >> i saw a flash of light. heard a gigantic sound. a window exploded and shots came in and i was just being shot. >> reporter: restaura
president obama for resolutely opposing this twisted u.n. resolution. [applause] i applaud the overwhelming vote last week in the american congress condemning this biased report. [applause] i know that there are many canadian friends here today. [cheering] i extend to you my thanks to the canadian government and prime minister stephen harper for their strong defense of israel's right for self-defense. [applause] last week i watched a joint exercise of the idf and some 4000 american soldiers. the exercise was aimed to improve israel's air defenses against incoming missiles. i salute these american soldiers and i thank the president, their commander-in- chief, president obama, for his continued support of israel's security. [applause] on behalf of the people of israel, i send our condolences to the families of american service women and servicemen who were killed in fort hood last week. my friends, my government is working to advance peace. we're not just talking peace. we are doing things. things that have not been done for decades. we have removed hundreds of security points, roadblocks, ch
the entire bill. and they had been very supportive of president obama so if you've got these abortion rights groups who are opposed to the bill, that is not good for the president and that's why he went on tv last night to say just that. gretchen: exactly. and during our political panel we had a strategist who said to me off camera that if this stays the way it is, she will not be a democrat anymore. so it's going as far as that, that they are going to oppose the way the current bill reads. brian: i'm wondering tactically if nancy pelosi is firmly pro-choice and she's the one who put this pro in, does she think with a wink and a nod she knows it's going to go bye-bye and that's why she's telling her colleagues to vet yes to begin with? gretchen: that would be a lot of political maneuvering. steve: that's washington. brian: it's going to alienate half of congress. gretchen: there's a tropical storm, ida, dumping heavy rain on the gulf coast. four states, though, still deklaverring a state of emergency. one of them is florida. that's where we find crai boswen fort walton beach. >> good morning
congressmen. he has stated publicly that he believes it is a clear act of terrorism. president obama and the first lady are expected to be among thousands in fort hood. we are awaiting the white house departure to texas. you will see live coverage this afternoon on the fox news channel of the president's trip. patti ann: now to the battle over health-care reform. democrats raising alarms over the cost of the bill moving through congress. the senate is under pressure now from the president to follow the house and pass overhaul legislation that could cost trillions. "the new york times" is reporting that moderate democrats are worried that the current proposal will not keep the president's promise to rein in health-care spending. stu varney joins us. 39 house democrats voted against the health care overhaul. "the new york times" is reporting that democratic senators are also getting squeamish. they're not convinced the bill will pay for itself. >> "the new york times" front page says some democrats are in trouble because they fear it will not deal with runaway health-care costs. the pr
. meanwhile it's reported that president obama is sending a special envoy to north korea for direct talks on that country's nuclear program, but no date for the visit has been set. >>> today president obama travels to ft. hood for a memorial service. and a visit with some of the soldiers wounded in last week's deadly shooting. the latest on the investigation into the ft. hood shootings is raising some eye wrous. investigators believe the alleged gunman, major nidal malik hasan, acted alone without outside direction, but hasan communicated 10 to 20 times with a radical cleric overseas, communications monitored by the fbi. investigators decided he posed no net. bb orr has month details. >> reporter: the contacts began last winter with hasan reaching out to imam anwar al awlaki. and the two traded messages over a number of months in to the spring of this year. sources say intelligence agencies collected the messages as part of a separate case and attached no significant to them at the time. the communications appeared to be be neen with hasan asking for help on a research paper studying the
supporters -- > hello and good evening. i'm dal. >>> present obama is repoedly nearing a decision to add tens of thousands of troops to t american force in afghanistan, tugh military offials tell the sociated prs that the mber will fall short of the 40,000 request by the american commanderin afanistan. officialsay that the deployment will probably ben in january to strengthen the fense of ten key cies and towns. meanwhile,n southern afghanistan, u.s. solers and afghan pice have dcovered a hu supply of ammonium nrate. half a milli pounds of the fertiler usedin bbs targeting nato troops. and in a remo part of eastern afghantan, taliban insurgents have apparently gotten hold of a cache of american weapons the armsay have been left behind when ameran forces were driven out of two combat outposts in the kamdesh district of nuristan province lt month in a battle that killed eit u.s. soldiers. that is our "lead ocus" tonight. d we begin with this report by jonah hl. >> reporr: high in the inof eastern afghanistan,aliban fhters display wh appear to be american arms and ammutions apparently seized at
. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> lehrer: president obama honored the victims of the fort hood massacre today. he led the mourners at an outdoor memorial service on the large army post in central texas. newshour correspondent kwame holman has our lead story report. ♪ >> reporter: thousands of family members, friends, and fellow soldiers came from across the country today for the somber ceremonies. they paid tribute to the lives and service of the 13 people killed and 29 wounded last thursday. some of the wounded were able to attend the service, others remain hospitalized. in memory of the dead, 13 pairs of combat boots were placed below the stage, each with an inverted rifle topped with a helmet. a picture of each victim was displayed below. the post commanding officer, lieutenant general robert cone: >> fort hood is home to one of the largest concentrations of soldiers and families in our army. we will never be accustomed to losing one of our own. but we can more easily accept it when it's on foreign soil. never did we expect to pay such a high p
and the nation that grieves along with them. that's what president obama did today at fort hood where 12 soldiers and one civilian were killed in cold blood, allegedly by another soldier. some 15,000 mourners gathered at this country's largest military base for a memorial service. before it began, the president and mrs. obama met privately with the families of those who died and with some of the 29 wounded. following the service, the obamas visited some of those still in the hospital. national correspondent dean reynolds is at fort hood with more about this day of remembrance. >> reporter: their helmets and boots are are what they left. soldiers slain on american soil, volunteers turned victims. >> as we wrap our arms around the families of our fallen comrades, i would say to you all grieve with us, don't grieve for us. those who have fallen did so in the service of their country. >> reporter: and yet, while military families steel themselves for the worst, no one was prepared for what the president today called the twisted logic that led to this tragedy. >> no faith justifies these murderous and
an army psychiatrist is accused of an attack that left 13 dead and 29 wounded. president obama part offered personal tributes to the victims lives in the service they give their country. >> soldiers wounded in shooting made the difficult way down to the ceremony. 38 were wounded here five days ago. 13 people were killed, remembered by their boots, their guns, their helmets, and a photograph. then, the president, commander in chief in charge of the united states military, americans look to to strike the right notes in tragedy. >> we need not look to the past greatness because it is before our very eyes. >> said it was a trying time, a time of war, but not one where the military victory would be marked by cigarettes are made. >> and what the threats that know no borders, their legacy will be marked in the safety of our cities and towns, and security and opportunity abroad. >> he said it was hard to comprehend the twisted logic that led to this tragedy. >> no faith justifies these murderous and craven acts. no just and loving god looks upon them with favor. for what he has done, we kno
week president obama authorized a new direct meeting with pyongyang. the white house is dispatching a senior diplomat to the country in hopes of jump starting multinational talks over north korea's nuclear program >>> three american hikers who strayed into iranian territory last summer from neighboring iraq have been charged by an iranian prosecutor with espionage. the three have been detained since july when their family said they accidentally strayed across the border from iraq. the charges indicate tehran may plan to put the americans on trial and use them as political leverage in their ongoing stand-off with the west over iran's nuclear ambitions. iranian president ahmadinejad hopes he can convince them they were not spying, but says they deserve some punishment for entering the country illegally. >>> today president obama will be one among many attending a memorial service at ft. hood in texas to remember the 13 people gunned down last week by a fellow soldier as nbc's jay gray reports, the day of mourning comes amid new information about the suspect. >> reporter: u.s. intellig
at the texas post. president obama told stories about each one of the victims in the rampage honoring their memor]4 the suspect, major nidal hasan remains hospitalized tonight, accused of firing off more than 100 rounds before civilian police officer shot him and stopped him. a maryland soldier was among the fort hood victims. lieutenant colonel juanita warman of havre de grace was a military physicians assistant. more on the tribute coming up at 5:30. >>> a high school student at mervo high was stabbed in the school's cafeteria. it happened around 1:30 today. the victim was treated by the school nurse and sent to the hospital. the stabbing was not serious. we're told that six people are in custody but they may not all be mervo students. and investigators are trying to figure out how they even got into the school. >>> police are looking into the deadly stabbing of a boy in east baltimore. we don't have a lot of information. it happened around 5:30 this morning in the 2400 block of llewellyn avenue. the name hasn't been released. we don't know his age. no arrests have been made. this d
, whe an army psychiatrt is accused of attack that left 13 dead and 29 wounded. president obama part offered personal tributes to the victsives in the service they give their couny. >> soldiers wounded in shooting ma the difficult way down to the ceremony. 38 were wounded here five days ago. 13 people werekilled, remember by their boots, tir guns, their helmets, and a photograph. then, the prident, cmander in chi in charge of the united states miliry, americsook to to rike the right notes in tragedy. >> we need not look to the past greness bause it is fore our vereyes. >> id it was a ting ti, a time war, but notne where theilitary victorwould be maked bcigarettes are made. >> and what the threats tat know no borders, their legacy will be marked in the safy of our cities and towns, and seurity and oprtunity abroad. >> he said it was hard to comprend the twisted logic that led to is tragedy. >> no faith justifie these murderous and cren acts. no just and loving god looks upon them with favor. for what he ha done,e know th the killer wl be met wi justice i this world and t next. >> man
regular, senator dodd's bill goes much rther than the obama admintration proposed if passed, it would behe largest government shakeup sce the creati of the department ofomeland security. is it a go idea? darren gersh p that question to treasurassistant secretary michael barr, a key playern the obama adnistration's reform efforts. >> i think the key issue is not who's up or w's down or what the regulatory bos are in reform. the key principles tha we have to have are new clea rules of the road f financial fis, tougher forms of supersion,rotection of consumers andnvestors, going after problems with mornls- mortgages d overdrafts a credit cards thatare still hard on american consers today d ending this perception of too big fail. those are thkey msures wel be judging any reform on >> b there's an impornt int which is thatenator dodd doesn'seem to have a great deal of cfidence in the federal reserve as a regulalater so, he wants to put the regulatory function i a diffent agency and have the fed do less. do you think he' wrong? >> i think therewas a regulatory failu all arod in t system. our fi
benjamin netanyahu and president obama meeting behind closed door at the white house. the two are expected to discuss the nuclear standoff between iran and the middle east peace process. netanyahu spoke to a group earlier today. he left the u.s. even before his meeting with president obama is in the books. that's considered unusual and a bit of a sign that either relations are strained after netanyahu defied the president's call to free settlement construction in the west bank or that potentially, at least, president obama is waiting now until one side or the other in the peace process seems serious before lending cameras and legitimacy to it. the president has since relaxed that demand, an gering the palestinians who accused him of giving in to israel. they are the three american hikers detained in iran since the summer and, tonight, word that prosecutors in tehran are looking to formally charge the americans with espionage. that's according to a report by state-run media inside iran. the three hikers are just fattal fattal, sara shore and james bowrd. iranian authorities arrested them in
the cost of the insurance that president obama would force them to purchase, and so they're going to opt out of the health insurance pool. the only people left are going to be older sicker people and that will drive up the cost of insurance for everybody. it is a prescription for disas templet. andrew: the president wants to sign a law that would force young people to pay more for insurance than they're going to get, to buy insurance that they might not want, to pay for insurance they cannot afford. did he read the election results in 2008? didn't he get about 66% of the vote between age 18 and age 24 and he's targeting that age group? >> that's right. the young adults came out for president obama in record numbers. he is repaying them with one of the biggest tax increases in this legislation. andrew: wow. all right. one thing i want to ask you. insurance companies operate on a financial model. they have investments from investors. they have customers who pay premiums and a return ron the investment and return on the premiums what. will happen to the model if federal bureaucrats tell ins
talking to doctors and his lawyer but not investigators. president barack obama and the first lady joined grieving families today. the families of the 13 killed and 29 injured at a memorial service at fort hood. it was an emotional and tearful service honoring the fallen killed during last week's attack on the nation's largest army base. rick leventhal is live with the latest, rick? >> reporter: laura, the crowd size estimated at 15,000 people at times completely silent. men and women in uniform standing tall, proud, respectful, army strong. a somber ceremony at fort hood honoring those killed in last week's shooting spree. >> we come together filled with sorrow for the 13 americans that we have lost. >>> reporter: the president and first lady among the thousands that came out to remember the 12 u.s. soldiers and one civilian gunned down in the rampage. >> this is a time of war. these americans did not die on a foreign field of battle, they were killed here on american soil. every evening that the sunsets on a tranquil town, every dawn that a flag is unfurled, every moment that an america
through a enacted intolaw. the timi may not fit th what president obama wanted,ut there waa big step. >> nm, thank you very much. >> jim: inther news today -- >> lehr: in other news today, wall reet shot higher after 20 ading nations agreed over t weekend to continue econoic stimulus efforts. the dow jones industal average gained 203 points to closnear 10,227. the nasdaq rose 41 ints to closet 2154. iraq haset a date for national ections, next january 21. on sunday, parliant approved a l needed to organize the voting afr weeks of deadlock. today the electoral comssion set the acal date. anmajor delay in the elections could havslowed the u.s. ilitary pullout. so today, the u.s. army reported two helopter pilots were killed yesterday in a crash. there was no indicaon of hostile fire. americans acced a senior prosecutor in iran accused ree ericans of espionage today. thehree have been held since july. relativ said they were hiking in iraq and accidentally styed across the bord into iran. inermany today, secretary of state clinton called for thr immediate release. >> we believetrongly th
seven years after they happened. >>> in ft. hood in texas today, president obama joined thousands for a memorial service to honor those killed in the shootings there last week. jay gray has our report. ♪ amazing grace >> reporter: searching for grace and comfort they gather. thousands, some dressed in red, white and blue, most in army green, all struggling to deal with what happened here. >> it's a day for us to just honor the fallen, fellow soldiers. one big family. >> when something drastic like that happens, it affects everybody. >> reporter: president obama met with families of the fallen and some of the wounded before stepping to the podium for the first time in his young presidency as consoler in chief. >> here at ft. hood, we pay tribute to 13 men and women who are not able to escape the horror of war even in the comfort of home. their memory will be honored in the places they lived and by the people they touched. their life's work is our security and the freedom we all too often take for granted. >> reporter: as this grieving community searches for answers so do investig
will also be there. >> president obama will be a part of the traditional military memorial here as thousands gathered to honor those killed and injured in the attacks last week. >> president obama leaves the white house for a trip like no other in his young presidency, traveling to texas on a mission of mercy and healing. family members of the fallen struggle to cope with their loss. >> she lost her brother in the attack. >> the only piece i do not have are about his last moments. i wonder -- was he scared? was he in pain? i know my brother. he was a scared of anything. he was not scared of going to war. with the soldiers around him at the end, thin-would be the way he wanted to go. >> more than two dozen were injured during the rampage. 13 were killed. as the healing process begins, the investigation continues. intelligence officials say the suspected gunman nidal hasan has traded more than two dozen e- mail's with al-awlaki. he is an al-qaeda supporter. investigators say the army was aware of the correspondence and that nidal hasan's e-mails were consistent with the research he was doing f
but there is no time. i basically believe that the americans especially the obama administration must have a first-class exit strategy from afghanistan. within two minutes, i will make five points. >> how about we give you one minute and you may two. -- poitns? >> please do not send your armies in installments. please send at least100,000 immediately into afghanistan. >> that is not going to happen. >> the next point is, once you said that number, then tell the karzai government that on december 31, 2010, you will recall -- withdraw all of your soldiers from afghanistan and they have to fight their own war. how you do it? unless you raise an army of half a million afghanistan soldiers. [unintelligible] not a single young boy it will remain unemployed and will not be preyed on by the smugglers, the taliban. you need to create political parties in afghanistan. indiana can help a lot. -- india can help a lot. now you are moving in the right direction in india, play a major role in afghanistan for the exit of the nato forces. thank you. >> this gentleman here. >> i am from voice of america. first of a
with president obama at the white house last night. earlier in the day netanyahu called for immediate peace talks. the palestinians want israel to free settlements, a position the obama administration supports. the white house visit was unusually low-key. afterward netanyahu cancelled a press briefing scheduled for today. >>> south korean military officials say one of its ships fired on a north korean navy vessel after it crossed over a border. the north korean ship returned fire in the yellow sea. it was heavily damaged before turning back. north korea may have initiated the conflict to draw attention as president obama sets out for asia later this week. >>> iran has officially accused those three american hikers of espionage. the charges against shane bower, sarah shepard and josh fattal came 100 days after crossing the border illegally. secretary of state hillary clinton says there's no evidence to support the charges and she is demanding their release. >>> the man accused of killing an abortion doctor tells the associated press this morning he has no regrets. scott roder confessed in a phone
a video message from president barack obama. >> together let us keep the light of freedom burning bright for all who live in the darkness of tierney and believe in hope for brighter days. >> the hour-long interview took place at the famous hotel add lon in the shadow of the brandenburg gate. it was a de-ranging conversation that began with the legacy of the wall. she also spoke about iran, afghanistan, and pakistan, and her upcoming trip to china with president obama. here is that conversation. >> rose: thank you for joining us. >> thank you, charlie. >> rose: at this historic time in this historic city, where were you when you heard the news that the berlin wall had come down? >> i was in arkansas and bill and i were living in the governor's mansion in arkansas. and i remember watching the news coverage which that time was pretty... much more limited than it is today, over and over again and talking with not only my husband but lots of friends about what this meant. because i'm a child of the cold war. i remember those duck-and-cover drills that we did in school to protect ourselves aga
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